Hypnosis Downloads

Professionally recorded hypnosis audio downloads. These downloads all are between 17 – 20 minutes long and are meant to be listened to regularly for maximum benefits. They don’t replace one on one sessions with a qualified hypnotherapist but they are highly effective when used over time. They are a great way to also “top up” between sessions or if you are feeling low


A gentle hypnosis leads the client into a visualisation  about anxiety and how we can make our anxiety conform and become bigger and smaller. Helps you to visualise themselves without this debilitating condition and all the wonderful possibilities that open up to us when we let anxiety disappear. 


A wonderful journey through some of the causes and the effects of depression and how you can help your mind to free itself from this habituated thought pattern and feel joy again.


We often have obsessive behaviours that destroy potential and are very stressful, this audio will help you to calm your mind, find those behaviours and control them effectively while leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Pain Management

Pain is a common ailment and chronic pain can rob a person of their life’s happiness. We use a technique in this audio to “turn down” your pain. Often clients report being able to eradicate or reduce chronic pain medication (with all the side effects) and this gives them greater freedom, health and happiness in all areas of their lives. 


An audio to help you overcome fears and the extraordinary events that have shaped 2020. Much of our world and the economy is in flux and this audio will help you to process feelings of uncertainty and feel strong, calm and confident about the future. 

Recorded by JC Music Recordings  – all rights reserved, this download may not be copied or forwarded