Client Testimonials

Wow! Therapy on steroids. Thank you.
Megan, KZN

What a fascinating approach. I appreciate all the new insights and the way I have now a handle on things that previously really caused me problems.
Roy, KZN

The problem with giving up smoking with you, Heidi, is that it felt too easy! I almost want to start again and test it but I won’t! Thanks a mil.
Helen, JHB

After ten years of therapy trying to get my relationship with my mother into some kind of perspective I wasn’t expecting much. Thank you for all that you did for me and it took three sessions. Truly eye opening stuff. Thanks again.
Claire, KZN

I can’t tell you how it feels to let go of the fear of mice that I had. I know it sounds silly but this fear RULED my life and caused so much pain. I have a normal life now.
Terry, JHB

Heidi’s professionalism, and confidence in the benefits of hypnotherapy, create an inviting atmosphere to share openly. Her sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before, in that there are a set number, and results are immediately tangible. As a result, I’ve been recommending Heidi’s practice to friends and family since 2019, and will continue to do so! 
Working with Heidi has enabled me to overcome barriers in my personal relationships, navigate a specific fear, and be freed from harmful habitual thinking that has, until now, kept me from achieving work-life-balance. After years of traditional therapy which helped me manage but didn’t address any root causes, thanks to my sessions with Heidi I finally feel free and able to live the life I choose!
J R, Cape Town