I just want to give you feedback on the therapy I’ve had with you – I cannot sing your praises enough. My life has changed for the better, thanks to you. I know how much feedback from clients mean to me so I’m sure you would like to hear from me and how I’ve improved all round in my life. I am so grateful! And I’m not done. I see what three sessions has done for me. I want to invest more into myself in terms of development. So you’ll be seeing me again soon! (N, Underberg Client, KZN)

Heidi, just wanted to say THANK YOU!! For the first time in almost 30 years I have just successfully donated a full pint of blood. My sense of achievement is now complete. (S, Smoking Client, Underberg, KZN)

I have had hypnosis before for smoking and it worked for a short while. However, your expertise and knowledge has blown me away. You totally get the smokers mindset, then tailored my session to me and my smoking/vaping and I am pleased to be on the other side of that habit (both smoking and then later, vaping). You also helped me to develop a greater vision for myself generally which was a really nice bonus. Thank you and I will recommend you. (A, Hillcrest, KZN)

Thank you, Heidi, for your professional approach to assisting me with a life time of full nights of independent sleep – I feel so liberated and in tune with my subconscious. I was skeptical at first as I have a very active mind and it has been hard to hypnotise. For you it was no problem and it made me feel confident in knowing that we all just wanted the best outcome! Your techniques are commendable and most definitely something to consider for anyone dealing with falling asleep, staying asleep and resting the mind when needed. Sleep is the only way you recharge sufficiently – emotionally, physically and mentally! It’s of utmost importance to get the basics of sleep in control before dealing with any other issues you may face. Thank you again. (P, Southern Berg, KZN)

I have always wanted to try hypnotherapy and when I saw Heidi’s advert it seemed like the perfect
time. Naturally, I had fears and reservations about the process, but I talked these through with Heidi
before our sessions began so that we started the therapy in a clear and positive space.
Hypnotherapy is not like the version we know from entertainers who make people do embarrassing
things. I had several sessions with Heidi and essentially it’s like a deep, guided meditation into
yourself. I was aware of my surroundings and in control of myself the entire time. The basis of
hypnotherapy is about accessing your own subconscious and getting in touch with the information
you already know deep down. There is nothing frightening or intimidating about this process. In fact,
they were the most gentle but empowering and revelatory healing sessions I have ever done. From
Heidi’s sessions I was able to integrate myself and my own life story far better. I was given insight
into understanding some very complicated situations and releasing them with absolute forgiveness. I
was also assisted with reformulating a more desirable future for myself. I think that hypnotherapy
should be a regular therapy we all do to keep ourselves healthy and on track. Simply by making the
appointment with Heidi I experienced the greatest emotional shift of my life. Further evidence that
our subconscious wants what’s best for us. With the friendly, professional, and gentle guidance of a
practitioner like Heidi, I highly recommend using hypnosis and associated therapies in daily life. Not
only for healing, traumas, and deep issues but also for accessing the deepest parts of yourself to live
life fully and happily. (A. South Africa)

It’s been a month and some days since my last smoke. I do think about it from time to time but have no feelings to have one. I must say it was difficult to start with – at the time – but in hindsight not difficult at all. Just wanted to thank you for help and if any of your clients feel apprehensive about it, please use me as a reference. Once again… thank you. (J.W, Underberg, South Africa)

Weight loss started as something so simple – but we never talked about food ? Then I realised that I was in deep in a comfort eating pattern caused my feeling so unloved as a child. It was never about food in the first place. I eat normally now. Thank you, Heidi. (S, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Thank you for seeing my son, listening to him and, mostly, understanding him. I am forever grateful to you and your profession. (K, Durban, South Africa)

I appreciate all the new insights and the way of doing things. I have a better handle on those things that really bothered me. Thanks again. (Roy, Durban, South Africa)

Heidi’s professionalism, and confidence in the benefits of hypnotherapy, create an inviting atmosphere to share openly. Her sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before, in that there are a set number, and results are immediately tangible. As a result, I’ve been recommending Heidi’s practice to friends and family since 2019, and will continue to do so!  Working with Heidi has enabled me to overcome barriers in my personal relationships, navigate a specific fear, and be freed from harmful habitual thinking that has, until now, kept me from achieving work-life-balance. After years of traditional therapy which helped me manage but didn’t address any root causes, thanks to my sessions with Heidi I finally feel free and able to live the life I choose! (J v R, Cape Town, South Africa)

Thank you for helping me to let go of my fear of mice. I know it sounds silly but this fear ruled my life. I have a normal life now. (J, Johannesburg, South Africa)

The problem with stopping smoking with you, Heidi,  is that it felt to easy! I am almost tempted to want to start again and see what happens – but I won’t! Thanks a mil! (H, Johannesburg, South Africa)

After ten years of trying to put my relationship with my mother into some kind of perspective, I was not expecting much. However, I am now released and it took three sessions. Eye opening stuff. Thank you. (S, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Wow! Therapy on steroids. Thank you. (H, Durban, South Africa)