Client Testimonials

Wow! Therapy on steroids. Thank you.
Megan, KZN

What a fascinating approach. I appreciate all the new insights and the way I have now a handle on things that previously really caused me problems.
Roy, KZN

The problem with giving up smoking with you, Heidi, is that it felt too easy! I almost want to start again and test it but I won’t! Thanks a mil.
Helen, JHB

After ten years of therapy trying to get my relationship with my mother into some kind of perspective I wasn’t expecting much. Thank you for all that you did for me and it took three sessions. Truly eye opening stuff. Thanks again.
Claire, KZN

I can’t tell you how it feels to let go of the fear of mice that I had. I know it sounds silly but this fear RULED my life and caused so much pain. I have a normal life now.
Terry, JHB