Hypnosis during childbirth is becoming more and more well known and used by expectant mothers all over the world.

Hypnobirthing is the term given to the hypnosis techniques that are used to assist women in childbirth. Hypnosis can also be used to assist during pregnancy but today we will focus on hypnosis and childbirth.

I am often asked if I am present at birth for the hypnosis and the answer is no. The hypnotherapist does all the preparation with the client prior to birth and the client is fully ready and able to access the tools during labour and birth.

The first part of our process is to connect the mother to their baby. We use hypnosis to allow the expectant mother to deeply feel and connect to her little one. Often the mother will be very surprised when she visualises a certain personality and then years later the child is exactly the personality she visualised during pregnancy!

After connecting the mother we then ask the baby what he or she needs from mom to have a good birth? The baby will then be able to send messages back to the mother about what is required. Sometimes the mom will get a message “you need to relax more, calm down, it’s going to be okay, I’m coming anyway”. So that is very soothing for the expectant mother.

Then we use the subsequent sessions to prepare the mother with pain relieving techniques. These are very simple in hypnosis and they tend to be based around setting up triggers for the mother so that she can access pain relieving techniques such as “turning down” the pain and and breathing through pain. There is a brilliant video on the internet which shows a patient having a root canal with zero pain relief and using hypnosis techniques.

We also use a technique of the mother being able to “observe” herself and to create distance and perspective for pain so that if the experience is physically painful it is happening in a slightly removed way. We also reframe the pain so that the pain becomes part of producing the baby and something to be celebrated. Most pain actually occurs in the brain as a neural response and can be controlled.

The other part of our preparation is connecting to the baby and developing an awareness that mother and baby are a team and in this together. It means that the baby is working with mom and that everything they experience is part of the process and the specialness of the birthing experience.

Most mothers who are well prepared for the birth with hypnosis as an alternative to pain relief will report they use either no pain relief or a minimal amount. This helps the mother to recover quickly after birth.