Did you know hypnosis has many applications for the medical field and patients of doctors? Recently, I completed a course about Hypnomed or Medical Hypnosis and it truly was a fascinating experience. Below I will set out three main areas that hypnosis can help patients to feel better, manage pain and trauma and even assist with childbirth.

Did you know that a lot of pain is held in your mind – over time the brain develops neural pathways and for clients suffering from a chronic condition the brain will have developed pathways around pain. What we do in hypnosis is start new pathways as well as disrupt the old pain pathways. We also use powerful reframing techniques.

In the 21st century many people live with chronic pain – this can be because of medical conditions or from previous injuries. In hypnosis we have many techniques that can assist clients suffering from chronic pain. Some examples of tecniques are “turning down” the pain using a dial technique and disassociating from pain so that it occurs at a distance from the client and is therefore not so intense or dominating.

Another area hypnosis can help is dentistry. A client may either not want to take anaesthesia due to previous negative side effects or have a fear of needles. Or the client may fear the dentist themselves and this can prevent them from caring for their teeth effectively, storing up longer term problems and embarrassment. In hypnosis we can also manage pain and many clients have undergone quite extensive work only using hypnosis. Examples are root canals, extractions and dentures as well as dental hygiene procedures.

With hypnosis we can also manage fear of the dentist or fear of needles, enabling the client to comfortably experience a dental procedure they would normally avoid.

Another area hypnosis can be used in is pregnancy and birth, as well as the busy period after birth. Hypnosis has been used effectively to manage pain during childbirth. We teach our expectant mothers and their birth partner a number of techniques to manage pain in childbirth and accelerate the healing process afterwards.

In hypnosis we can connect the expectant mom to her baby in the womb and this is a beautiful bonding experience. We can assist with giving the mother positive suggestions around coping after birth and building a strong relationship with her little one. For more information see my Blog “Hypnobirthing”.

As you can see hypnosis has many applications for patients as well as expectant mothers.

Why not explore this today?