A particularly interesting hypnosis technique is Parts Therapy and it can be used for a variety of presenting issues. It comes to us from the work of Roy Hunter in the USA who developed this technique.

In South Africa the SA Institute of Hypnotism uses and teaches this technique in conjunction with the Roy Hunter school.

So what is this therapy? Put simply we use hypnosis to allow the client to enter a light trance where they can freely talk and associate. We then identify the “parts” of the client that are in conflict and we do a mediation with the inner world of the client. Unusual sounding technique but so effective.

We all have a dialogue in our head. We all tend to “talk” inside our minds and sometimes we argue with ourselves. A simple example would be wanting to lose weight and then seeing a lovely piece of chocolate cake. Our inner dialogue might go something like this: “I so deserve that cake after being so good” then a response of “no that’s the way you will ruin everything you have worked for” then  “but if I don’t have a treat how will I stay motivated?” And so on and so on! So the point being that we tend to have separate voices and they can be causes of a lot of inner conflict and confusion.  What if our voices and inner world was in a conflict over something more though? Like relationships, our future, our work, our families and the list is endless. One can imagine the pain this could cause.

So in this therapy we are seeking to understand conflict within the client and resolve it. Often the part of the client that is holding them back or causing pain comes from an inner part that started off trying to help but now the behaviour is hindering and not helping. It maybe wanting to manifest a positive relationship but a part of us lacks trust and sabotages opportunities to create relationships, leaving us lonely and unfulfilled.

A client who experiences Parts Therapy often reports a strong self of self afterwards a feeling of being “together”, “strong” and “confident”. This is because the inner conflict has been resolved.