In hypnosis, like many therapies, the use of language is really important. It has an impact when the client is in hypnosis as well as building rapport while we are understanding the concerns.

However, in hypnosis the use of positive language has a very specific reason. It all has to do with the way your subconscious mind processes language.

If we think of the subconscious mind a bit like a literal tool. It does not have the type of functioning that the rational mind has. That’s because it does not really “rationalise” in that way. So the subconscious takes everything we say literally – this makes for some interesting “presenting issues”!

As a result, in hypnosis the hypnotherapist must be extremely cautious in their language. We learn to always state outcomes and desires in the positive.

Instead of saying “you will not feel anxious anymore” we say “you are enjoying a wonderful feeling of calmness and having a stable mood all day”. The reason we do that is because the subconscious mind will simply “grab” onto the negative word and resonate with that word. That’s not what we want to achieve.

However, even outside of hypnosis it is a good idea to get into the habit of stating in the positive. This is because even what we say rationally has a habit of sinking down into the subconscious mind and helping in turn to create our reality.

It is also a fun exercise to do – why not try this today?