Regression Therapy or Analytical Technique is the term used to describe the process of regressing a client in hypnosis back to before their conscious memories began.

The theory is that many memories and traumas and learned behavior all occurred before the client can consciously recall – most often before the age of three. If a memory or a trauma or a message was received in early life that the client cannot consciously recall that event is effectively hidden from the client and no amount of therapy or talking will release it simply because the client is not aware consciously that this happened. These experiences are often held in the subconscious mind and continue to affect the client in their current life.

What sort of experiences are these? Some examples are: parents not wanting a child and the child hearing this while very young; physical or emotional abuse that occurred early; experiences in the womb; a sense of danger in the home in early life creating an unexplained fear in the adult that no amount of rationalising can solve. These are but a few examples.

In regression therapy the client goes into a slightly longer and deeper hypnosis. We normally will have prepared with at least two sessions prior to regression taking place. While in hypnosis the client is incrementally taken back to early childhood in a number of memory “steps”. We are looking for the initial event and we have a technique for ensuring, as much as possible, once we have found it. Normally this event is in very early childhood or even prior to birth.

This is an extremely emotional part of the session for the client and trained therapists have a number of techniques they use to help the client experience the pain and reframe this experience so their adult self can benefit. Once the clients understands in a deep part of their mind that they were a child and they are now an adult with their own voice this can be hugely cathartic for the client.

This technique can release clients from many years of pain and suffering and free them to enjoy their life today as well as forgive those who did not take care of them as they would have wished.

It’s a powerful technique and not used for all clients but once we determine the client will benefit it is one of the most powerful techniques used in hypnosis.