Spiritual Hypnosis is the term given to hypnosis techniques that encompass Past Life Regression and Soul Journey work. I receive many enquiries about Spiritual Hypnosis, particularly Past Life Regression so today I will spend a moment to explore this further.

Many clients want greater clarity and peace in their lives. Clients come to Past Life Regression because they find that although they have been on a journey of discovery in this life, that their answers do not come readily. They feel there is “something more”. Clients who do Past Life Regression and Soul Journey sessions are very surprised at the breadth of the insights, the sense of scope and magnitude of the Universe and their place in in. This can bring a great sense of perspective – one client described it in hypnosis as “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

We all have belief systems and in Spiritual Hypnosis our belief system is quite important. Hypnotherapists always do an ecology check to ensure that their client is comfortable and we check to determine what spiritual terms the client is familiar and comfortable with. We try never to make assumptions. For example, many Christians are comfortable with the idea of reincarnation and soul journeys. When I first discovered this I must admit I was a bit surprised. Previously, I have imagined that was not the case so as therapists we must never assume that clients have or don’t have certain belief systems.

Another way we can understand Past Life Regression is to think of the Metaphor of the Mind. Do we need to know, in a crude way, if something is “true” or not? Is it not more important that in a deep part of the client’s subconscious this part of their mind is using a very complex metaphor and should that be fitted into the very simplistic five sense reality that we live in? Perhaps not – perhaps we accept the unknowable. This is a good place to start.

Many clients in Past Life sessions will visit several lifetimes. It’s an incredible journey to be a part of. The detail that these clients have is really awe inspiring and makes one think how much of our existence is currently unknown and unknowable to us at our current level of evolution.

An example of Past Life Regression case is a client who comes to hypnosis because they feel they always choose the hard way to do things and no amount of therapy or behavioural change seems to work. We do a Past Life session and discover that previously they had an experience in another life where they were tested and failed and now in this life they continue to test themselves. These sorts of insights can be hugely valuable to the client.

We also do a Soul Journey at the end of the Past Life session. This is for many the highlight of an already awesome experience. We basically facilitate the client to go on a Soul Journey where they can ask and receive answers to questions that may have troubled them their whole life. Clients often find themselves giving incredibly wise and simple answers that are coming from a wholly different place.

Spiritual Hypnosis is a very beautiful session, clients often leave feeling invigorated and inspired and open minded and this is very therapeutic in their life right now.