A unexpected benefit for my practice of the lockdown was the rise of what we are calling Zoomnosis. Online hypnosis.

When I first head about online hypnosis I must admit it didn’t sound like something I was used to. It seemed to me that having a hypnosis session online somehow some of the “magic” of hypnosis would not happen. After all, I reasoned, isn’t part of hypnosis (and all therapy) the contact with the therapist, the minute checking of facial expressions and the feeling of rapport and sometimes a very special type of energy?

However, with some guidance from our Institute of Hypnotism SA, of which I am a member, online started to work.

Since I started to use Zoom, Skype and other apps for online hypnosis I have had great results and must say it is very pleasing to be able to say that.

Some of the benefits for clients are: being in your own home; no need to travel; able to make yourself comfortable in your own personal space such as your own couch (or even your bed!); not feeling like you have to get used to a new place; feeling a sense of real privacy in your own home and being able to choose a time that suits your timezone. For example, my Australian clients will have finished work while I am still in the morning and therefore they don’t even have to take time off work.

The secret to the online session being effective is some arts and craft work. You need to set your phone or laptop so that the camera can see you and you can still be comfortable – maybe on some books, on a shelf etc so you can relax and not need to fiddle with your technology. It’s important to make sure your internet connection is fully operational. Plus you need a head set as this vastly helps with focusing the sound and filtering out any unwanted sounds. It’s also important to make sure that family and anyone else in the house knows not to disturb you. I find that having a short “run through” before your session of technology helps. We also make sure that we have a plan as therapists if the internet accidently goes off.

Many of my online clients have had excellent results and have said they actually prefer online hypnosis to face-to-face. They find the relaxing element of being at home to be something that helps with deepening into hypnosis and gaining the benefit of the session.

Why don’t you give it a try?